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Kali M.

  • By: Mark Nesbit
  • Published: October 17, 2019

“Mark Nesbit helped me and my USC husband in our GC process. He and shannon were very transparent with us during the entire process from day 1. The cost of the entire process was very fair and affordable! Mark came with us to our interview, and helped to ease us into it . They both explained each step we would go through and answered our questions in excellent timing. Mark kept us at ease, reassured us when we were in need of it, and made the process less complex for us by explaining to us things and breaking it down for us. The process itself seemed scary, and at times frightening but he was always reassuring. Very organized and extremely professional. I definitely would recommend mark Nesbit to any future applicants wanting to come to the U.S.A. We have our 2nd interview in only 19 months, and we will definitely be securing Mark for that step, and if/when the time comes to apply for naturalization application we will be having Mark Nesbit as our representing immigration attorney to walk us through that as well. Thank you Mark, and shannon for a fabulous experience. Too bad I can only mark this as 4 stars, because you guys deserve a 10 out of 10 gold star!!!”

Mark Nesbit, Esq.

Mark Nesbit has been practicing law for more than
18 years and established his own firm in downtown
Columbus in September 2002. Read More

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