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Social Security Disability Lawyer Help

  • By: Mark Nesbit
  • Published: May 24, 2021

Social security disability claims are the lifeline for many people when other options become unavailable. If you have found yourself in the midst of this often challenging and complex process, you know all too well just how confusing it can seem from a surface level. Even if you have completed the preliminary steps on the way to a social security disability claims hearing, there is still a long way to go.

How Can A Lawyer Help?

Finding the right lawyer to work with you while waiting for your trial is the key to any successful claim. A Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer in Columbus, OH, will be able to use the expertise gained over decades of helping clients to guide you down the path while ensuring nothing is missed along the way.

Since the social security disability claims process can potentially last months or even years, time becomes a limiting factor, especially when an individual’s livelihood hangs in the balance. While the government does not explicitly require an applicant to retain legal counsel, there is no situation where finding an Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney could be detrimental to you or your case. By enlisting the help of an attorney who is well versed in both the procedure and possible consequences of claiming Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits, you can rest assured knowing that the burden has been lifted off of your shoulders.

When navigating the claims process independently, you run the risk of missing critical guidelines, formatting documentation incorrectly, or mishandling any number of other regulations. The claims process is complex and fraught with pitfalls that can halt your case in its tracks. While hiring a lawyer may seem expensive in the short term, it may actually end up saving you time as well as money. By avoiding mistakes, not only will your claim have a better chance of being approved, but in the instance it is denied, you will have an ally to fall back on who is experienced with your unique case and will be able to assist you throughout the appeals process.

Social Security Disability Benefits Denied? What to Do Now?

After all of the work and time dedicated to submitting a Social Security Disability Insurance claim and having it denied, it may feel like the end of the road. However, with the right attorney at your side, there are still many options open for you to apply for reconsideration. Even if you completed the initial procedures independently of counsel, at this juncture, hiring a Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer is all but a requirement. Since each locality has variations in proceedings, it is always wise to retain an attorney familiar with Colombus, OH.

Suppose you were denied benefits, regardless of the reason. In that case, the decision will fall into one of four categories: Reconsideration, hearing by an administrative law judge, review by the Appeals Council, or federal court review. The path to move forward with your appeal will depend on the category for which you were denied.

To avoid widespread and costly mistakes, hiring a Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer as soon as possible after you receive the decision is critical. If you were denied, you would have 60 days to submit a request for reconsideration. If this request is accepted, a previously uninvolved third party will re-examine your claim and determine if the ruling will stand or be reversed. Whether for medical or non-medical reasons, and while it is not usually necessary, you have the option to present your case in person at this stage.

If your claim is denied again after further examination and consideration, the 60-day clock begins ticking once again. Within those 60 days, you may request an administrative law judge hearing in which a judge will hear your case. This can include testimony from yourself, witnesses, your attorney, and any evidence you may have. Again, it is always wise to hire an attorney local to Columbus, OH, as the hearing will be set no more than 75 miles from your current residence.

If your case is again denied, your next option is filing a request for review with the Appeals Council. They will use their discretion and examine the case brought to the previous hearing and either deny, dismiss, or grant your request. If your request is granted, you will be sent back to have your hearing reconducted and reconsidered by a different judge. The process up to this point can be a very costly and time-consuming effort, and therefore should be treated with the utmost care. A simple mistake has the ability to set you back months and cost you immense fees. This is all assuming that the error was not fatal to your claim.

If your claim has yet again been denied, the final option is filing a lawsuit directly with the U.S. district court. While the previous three steps would be near impossible without experienced counsel at your side, this final stage of appeal cannot be completed without an attorney. The only remaining chance for your claim is that a legal error has previously occurred, or the entirety of the evidence presented was not adequately considered. Your Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney will advise you on whether this stage is a viable option for your circumstances, and if so, how to prepare for it adequately.

Finding a Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer remains the most helpful asset you can attain during any step attempting to claim disability benefits. Not only will they guide you through the process while helping you avoid setbacks and mistakes, but they will also ensure you have given the best attempt possible. At Nesbit Law Office, we will work diligently with you to personalize and tailor your claim to the necessities of your situation. While many firms take a generalized approach, we pride ourselves on the level of personal care and attention to detail given to every client. For a consultation to discuss your social security disability claim in Columbus, OH, call our offices today.

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