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Attorney Mark Nesbit has the knowledge, experience and commitment to guide you, whether you are applying for Permanent Residency, applying to become a United States citizen or petitioning to bring a fiancé or family member living abroad here to the United States. In immigration matters, he provides legal assistance on a flat-fee basis. When you retain Mark Nesbit, you’ll know the cost up front.

Becoming a Permanent Resident or a Green Card Holder

For a foreign national, becoming a Green Card holder can be a huge step on the pathway toward citizenship and a promising future. A person who is granted a permanent resident card, commonly called a “Green Card,” is authorized to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. The process of becoming a Green Card holder will vary depending on the adjustment category: family, job or refugee or asylum status, to name a few. It will also depend on whether you currently live inside the United States, in which case the process is called adjustment of status, or outside the country, wherein the process will involve consular processing.

General  Information:

Becoming a United States Citizen or Applying for Naturalization

Becoming a United States citizen is an important decision and a coveted status for most immigrants. U.S. citizenship carries with it many benefits, such as the right to vote, the convenience of traveling with a U.S. passport, and eligibility for certain jobs. As you might imagine, the process of becoming a citizen, or the naturalization process, is not an easy one. There are specific requirements regarding age, status, residency, physical presence, and good moral character. Additionally, you will be subject to security and background checks, as well as a review of your complete immigration record. Finally, you must undergo an interview and pass an English-language test and a civics examination, demonstrating your knowledge of U.S. history and government.

Obtaining Family-Based, Marriage and Fiancé Visas

U.S. Immigration Law, as it now stands, allows for U.S. citizens to sponsor foreign nationals for immigration purposes when that sponsorship is based on a familial relationship. For example, U.S. citizens may petition for their foreign-born spouses, children, parents, and/or brothers and sisters, allowing them to enter the United States with appropriate immigration status or, if the individual is already here, to adjust their status. Additionally, U.S. citizens may petition to bring a fiancé and that person’s children to the United States for the purpose of marriage.

These processes are complicated and inevitably involve multiple forms, voluminous documentation, a variety of fees and rigid deadlines. They can take months and sometimes must be coordinated both here in the United States and abroad. Without the necessary knowledge and expertise, there can be delays and even denials.

Ohio Attorney Mark M. Nesbit can insure that you:

  • Determine or establish eligibility;
  • File the correct forms and accompanying fees;
  • Gather and submit the appropriate supporting documentation;
  • Send forms and documents to the correct locations;
  • Adequately prepare for any interviews or examinations;
  • Efficiently deal with any obstacles along the way.
Nesbit Law Office LLC

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