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"Mark has in-depth knowledge of immigration law, takes the time to understand your case and unique circumstances and works in a timely and professional manner with your filing. Highly recommended."Barnabas A.
"Honest, kind and knowledgeable. Understands very well rules and regulations. He's rates are by far the most reasonable especially compared to the amount of work and time he dedicates to his clients. I would recommend the office of Nesbit Law Office to anyone looking for a knowledgeable professional and dedicated team."Ifra S.
"Thank you so much Mark and Shannon for the best service you gave me and made everything so easy during the process. I am very satisfied with the results and it was so fast just 9 months to get my green card. I have never heard about a lawyer like you who work so hard for the clients …and results ARE EXCELLENT!. Thank you again for being my lawyer."Diaw M.
"Great team with years of experience. Took the time through each step till the end."Fady I.
"Mike was very knowledgeable and professional. He told me what was needed and he did all the paperwork and everything and even went with me to the interview. He is excellent and would recommend him to anyone."Robert K.
"The Nesbit team was very clear and kept us updated of all proceedings. They speeded up all paperwork when needed and finished our immigration work on time. They are organized and kept us at ease. I would highly recommend them for any immigration related business."Sujan M.
"Great service, I will be recommending the office for anyone in future needs."Gabriel V.
"Mark Nesbit provides an excellent service. I recommend everyone to address to him regarding any immigration questions."Alexey E.
"I know Mark from 2009, I’m very thankful for his professional response anytime I need it his service. I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a trustworthy attorney"Carmen M.
"Hi we are so greatful we came to this Law record time all our issues were resolved.we will recommend them to all who need a good attorney. For fees very reasonable."Emmanuel I.
"My experience with the office was excellent and I highly recommend Mark and his team without any reservations. They are very professional and knowledgeable, and also bring lots of sympathy and concern for each individual. This combination of efficiency and personalized treatment makes the office an ideal place for any immigration-related issues you might have to deal with."Rebeka C.
"Mark and his staff are great people, they will treat you more than a case; they care about you and your situation, They had help me and my family since 2007."lisett Z.
"Im a military man and this firm is the best! The Nesbits are AWESOME! I recomend with no hesitation!!"Chuck C.
"He Was Awesome An Got Everything Done Quickly Professionally Best Hands Down"Emanni T.
"Great experience! Very efficient and professional team. Thank you, Mark!"Johannes F.
"Very friendly and reasonable price. Highly recommend!"Tony Z.
"Mark is very professional. He has a full knowledge about the immigration law. He always pickup the phone if I have any questions and that's awesome. It was my pleasure working with him."Ahmed R.
"I met with Mark Nesbit for my immigration case. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient with my questions. His guidance helped me a lot in my case and I will surely recommend this firm."Faraz K.
"I have been with The Nesbit Law Firm since 2013 regarding Immigration matters for my family. I couldn't be happier with the service Mark and Shannon have provided me and my family."John R.
"They’re the best in Columbus"Frances K.
"In the present political environment, issues of immigration are no longer straightforward. Notwithstanding the legitimacy of your claim, it could be complicated. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to consult an immigration attorney. I did, and I have now realized it was a best decision I ever took. A friend directed me to contact Mark Nesbit’s office when I began my green card application. The result proved to be more than satisfactory. Mark is a professional par excellence. Quite affable, straightforward, tactful, and understanding. When dealing with him, make sure you place value on time and punctuality. Count on Mark for a positive determination of your case!!"Joseph
"Mark and Shannon were fantastic throughout the immigration and K1-visa process. He was very clear from day one consultation and to the end, helping outline all required documents, timelines and any concerns we had. We could not recommend him more, I would not hesitate if you are looking for an excellent lawyer and team to help you with your immigration process. This review is from a person who hired this attorney"Matt
"He was very clear through all the steps and with all the documentations I needed. Answered all my questions and followed up all on the paperwork with detail. He helped with the interview preparation. I did not have to worry at all as he felt very experienced. He is my immigration lawyer of choice. The process was as easy and smooth as you can imagine. Will definitely hire him again for all my permanent residency status extensions/renewals in the future to ensure smooth processes and communication with USCIS. I recommend him to everyone."Raymond
"Mark made going through the immigration process simple. He always had everything extremely organized and always communicated back to us in a timely manner. Would highly recommend him to anybody looking, and will be recommending him to any friends and family that ask for a lawyer in his expertise."Holly
"Provided the help my family needed quick easy the price is great 100%. Straight forward what I should expect and what are my options didn't mess around "Did I tell you prices is great" affordable."A Satisfied Client
"We hired Mark to guide us through the K-1 visa process. I would describe both him and Shannon as thorough, realistic, and genuinely interested in our success. Of course nothing is certain when it comes to outcomes or timelines, but he was very accurate when it came to describing the immigration process. I got anxious at times - but he and Shannon remained patient and kind. We were successful with our fiancée petition and the subsequent K-1 visa. We asked Mark to be with us during our in person change of status interview, which gave us a lot of confidence on an exciting but nerve wracking day. Because Mark was with us and had prepared us so thoroughly, the interview was a success. We recently applied to renew my husband's green card and re-hired Mark with absolutely no hesitation - in fact, we were excited to see him and Shannon again, and how many people can say they are excited to see their attorney?"Brad
"Great experience. Both of Mr Mark and Ms Shannon are so professional, organized and very nice persons. I'm happy that I found you in Columbus Ohio. Thank you."Mina M.
"Mark Nesbit helped me and my USC husband in our GC process. He and shannon were very transparent with us during the entire process from day 1. The cost of the entire process was very fair and affordable! Mark came with us to our interview, and helped to ease us into it . They both explained each step we would go through and answered our questions in excellent timing. Mark kept us at ease, reassured us when we were in need of it, and made the process less complex for us by explaining to us things and breaking it down for us. The process itself seemed scary, and at times frightening but he was always reassuring. Very organized and extremely professional. I definitely would recommend mark Nesbit to any future applicants wanting to come to the U.S.A. We have our 2nd interview in only 19 months, and we will definitely be securing Mark for that step, and if/when the time comes to apply for naturalization application we will be having Mark Nesbit as our representing immigration attorney to walk us through that as well. Thank you Mark, and shannon for a fabulous experience. Too bad I can only mark this as 4 stars, because you guys deserve a 10 out of 10 gold star!!!"Kali M.
"Mark and Shannon are very helpful. I actually recommended him to my friends"Rashid A.
“Butter then any one else. The most wonderful, understanding, caring, and professional lawyer I've met. He was clarity right from the start. I'd give him more stars than just the five allowed. I'd recommend him anytime over anyone !!! ( HE KNOWS What Is he Doing)“Moe L.
"Mark and his office are extremely knowledgeable and he explains complex policy clearly in a step by step way. We found his fees to be reasonable compared to others. We would recommend him highly. Mark continued to assist me when I had to make changes to my card. It would not have been so easy without his help!"Valentina V.
"Great service, great people."Giorgi E.
"Mark and Shannon are great. I highly recommend this office to everyone."Hira T.
"We’ve worked with Mark and a Shannon again this year as we complete the immigration process ending in citizenship. Once again - we received consistently great support and couldn’t be happier. Original post: The immigration process can be overwhelming, but Nesbit Law Office made things easy for us to understand. Mark was patient, realistic, and straightforward - which is exactly what we needed. It was a big confidence boost to have him with us at our interview. As we progress through various immigration processes, we have very happily continued to engage Nesbit Law Office. I would recommend the practice without hesitation to anyone looking for immigration guidance and representation"Brad B.
"Mark is incredible and extremely easy to work with. Would recommend him to any family member or friend."Holly L.
"Great experience. It was very easy to go through the process with minimal stress with Mark's guidance. Mark was fast, accurate and reliable in his work. I used this firm for all stages of the immigration process over multiple years. Also a great price. I already recommended this firm to multiple people."Anna H.
"Best law office ever.... You should contact this law office for any concerns.... Just a great lawyer..... Love him"lepeuple V
"Before starting my immigration application I have been referred by a sibling to this Law firm with a great review who I'm really thankful for the suggestion now. Primarily the Office manager is really hospital and professional so I felt so confident collaborating with them plus she is bilingual so that facilitate lots of my comprehension due to I am originally from a French speaker. Furthermore The lawyer Mark Nesbit is really knowledgeable and understandable. He will guide you through your process and definitely you'll always receive the updates in a real time manner until you'll receive your Permanent resident card like me my case. To summarize, I really have a great experiences with Nesbit Law Firm and I'll recommend you to work with them for your immigration process. Thanks"Papa D.
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