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The legal team at Nesbit Law Office has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you in filing your claim correctly, completely and on time and the commitment to fight for you every step of the way. We are reachable at (614) 964-5188.


The first step in any immigration process in Ohio is to consult an experienced immigration attorney. Nesbit Law Office’s Mark Nesbit has been called Ohio’s best immigration attorney. If you need help with any immigration services in the Columbus area, call the Nesbit Law Office today.

Citizenship And Naturalization

A citizenship and naturalization lawyer’s job is to turn the dream of U.S. citizenship into a reality. While not everyone qualifies for citizenship, we know that becoming an American is a life-changing and momentous event. At Nesbit Law Office, we’re proud to help our immigrant neighbors with the naturalization and citizenship process. Learn more about how a citizenship lawyer might help you.  Learn More

Visas For Family And Fiancés Abroad

People who come to the United States understandably want their families to have the same opportunities they enjoy. So, they may seek family based immigration options. However, immigration can be a complex issue, often requiring extensive paperwork, interviews, and extended wait times. Learn More

L1A Visa

An L1A visa is a non-immigrant work visa, which allows foreign managers of international companies to relocate their job to their company’s United States office. The L1A visa is valid for only a three-year period before it expires or needs to be granted an extension. You can file for US permanent residency and obtain a green card in Ohio with the help of the immigration attorney at Nesbit Law Office.

H1-B Visa

The H1-B Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows US companies to hire qualified foreign workers in certain fields. A US bachelor’s degree or equivalent is a requirement. US immigration law limits H1-B Visas to (currently) 85,000 per year. In order to be approved for an H1-B visa, an employee must hold either a US bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent, hold a specialized industry license, or possess the necessary expertise through proven job experience. Due to the restrictions on H1-B visas, it is important to seek the guidance of an immigration attorney when applying for one in Columbus, Ohio.

E1/E2 Visa

An E1 Visa allows immigrants from particular countries with which the US maintains a treaty to enter the US in order to engage in international trade, either on his or her own or on the behalf of a qualified company.

Tourist Visas

The B1 Visa is a temporary business visitor visa. In order to apply, an individual must be entering the US either to meet up with business associates, attend a business convention, negotiate the terms of a business contract, attend professional training, travel to another international business location, or deadhead. The B2 Visa is a visa for immigrants who wish to visit their family members, undergo a medical procedure in the US, or attend social conventions.

EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 program was created with the goal of stimulating the US economy through job creation and associated foreign investments. An EB-5 investor must invest a certain amount of money into a new US company or a business identified as troubled. The Ohio immigration attorney at Nesbit Law Office provides services to all immigrants interested in becoming EB-5 investors.

Client Testimonials

“Butter then any one else. The most wonderful, understanding, caring, and professional lawyer I've met. He was clarity right from the start. I'd give him more stars than just the five allowed. I'd recommend him anytime over anyone !!! ( HE KNOWS What Is he Doing)“

Moe L.


At Nesbit Law Office, our Columbus, Ohio disability lawyer understands that it is often very difficult to meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability, even when you are truly disabled. Disability, as defined by Social Security, is proven only by an inability to do any sort of substantial work for which you are suited by your age, education level, and work experience. In addition, in order to qualify for benefits, your disability must be expected to last for at least a period of one year or be expected to result in your death.

Even if you have been denied Social Security disability benefits, it is possible to appeal that decision. The Columbus disability attorney at Nesbit Law Office is dedicated to aggressively representing disabled clients across the state of Ohio who have a Social Security disability claim and are in need of help getting approved for benefits. Don’t give up just because you have received a denial. Call Mark Nesbit at Nesbit Law Office today for an attorney who will fight for your benefits.

Your Social Security Disability Benifits

Your Social Security Disability Benifits

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